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Bad Boyz - Dean, Eliot, Daryl, Clint, Thorin & Ronon forever- LJ

Hi. I´m no teenanger any more, yes...but I still can dream!
Beside, it´s okay if the star is of the same age, right?
*smiles happily in privat la-la-land*

Hello to everyone - this side is open for all of you fans, who are not afraid to admit that they are into someone famous!
I do not share much of my RL - this is not the place for this...it´s quite a downer sometimes... *le grand sigh*

BTW, I´m not into slash fanfiction or art, so pllleeeeaasssse don´t be mad, if i do not comment on those.
I don´t mind at all (see my f-page, there are a lot of fans, who love it) but I do not read it...

BUT I enjoy the manip-art a lot - specially if it shows solo males!!!!! *blinks innocently*

I love doing Picspams, called EYE CANDY..

So hop in sometimes...